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first guests

Last weekend we had our first overnight camping guests; my sister Katie and her boyfriend Sol from Seattle!

We towed Miss Amelia up to Port Clinton, OH and set up camp at the pristine East Harbor State Park (more on that later).

We enjoyed a lovely cheese board prior to hopping a ferry across Lake Erie to the South Bass Island  for dinner. We got butterscotch and cherry dipped vanilla cones on the way home; to which the bottom part of the cones and wrappings were later discovered by mama raccoon and her two little babies. We saw a fox and stunning ponds of lillypads. We watched the olympics and drank champagne. I even used the combo microwave/convection over for the first time to make our guests cinnamon buns for breakfast.

I took a shower in the bathroom to get freshened up for our trip back to Cleveland including an afternoon adventure at Cedar Point.

All in all we couldn't have asked for a better of glamping experience in Amelia the Airstream. Thanks to our Pacific Northwest guests for spending your summer vacation on the Lake Erie shore. Next time we'd love to camp longer...or maybe one of these days we might just show up in your driveway...glamping Seattle style!